The New Forest National Park is one of the more recent National Parks. The New Forest was one of the biggest royal hunting forests and has a strong history and many stories surrounding this. One of the New Forests claims to fame is that it was the site of the death of William Rufus (King William II) who was killed by an arrow shot by Sir Walter Tyrrell which rebounded off an oak and struck the king.

The New Forest is famous for its beautiful ancient and veteran trees some of which are almost 1,000 years old! It is a popular places for walkers and other recreation users because of the accessibility to the National Park  and the wonderful network of paths across it.

During the Autumn months the park is full of fantastic autumn colours and fungal life. The New Forest also has herds of Red Deer and donkeys, cattle and ponies roam the common land. Pigs are also released during the autumn and roam around the common land eating the acorns that can be toxic to cattle and ponies.

Overall the New Forest is a rather magical place with its fantastic wildlife and its wonderful villages and ancient trees.