Exmoor is one of our most southerly national parks and is famous for its wild Exmoor Ponies (a recognised breed in its own right) and its herd of native Red Deer which is the largest in England and Wales. Exmoor spans the border of Somerset and Devon and boasts the highest point in Somerset (Dunkery Beacon) and also the second highest (Selworthy Beacon). It is situated on the coast of the Bristol Channel and on a good day you can see the south coast of Wales.

Exmoor contains some of the oldest woodlands in the country as well as pristine moorland and lovely river valleys and combes. The villages and towns in Exmoor are famous for their beauty and have many historical and literary connections.

On Exmoor we have a Single Centre Self-Guided available and also the Two Moors Way Day-Pack Hike runs through the Devon side of the Exmoor National Park.